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Not being able to have sex in 60 was what I expected but as soon as it had happened I was slightly disappointed. I thought there is definitely a cure for me that I can manage to find on the internet and lucky I found Cialis. Right now I am taking this drug every time about half an hours before sexual intercourse and I can easily have sex with my partner.

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I was about 58 when I was not able to get a proper erection, but I was getting sexually stimulated at the same time. Right now when I have discovered Cialis I know that it is not that difficult to maintain an erection. I try to take only about 20 grams of Cialis every now and then; the dosage was advised to be my doctor. He said that this way I will not get any kind of side effects at all.

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When I turned 50 I had erection problem just once. But in 5 years this kind of problems bothered me more often. I was not able to figure out how to maintain an erection. I was getting sexually stimulated but an erection was not happening. So after thinking about it I come to the decision to order the sexually stimulating drug, Cialis was a great answer. Right now I am full of life and I can have a long sexual intercourse.

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Lately, I had some problems with performing in bed and in quite some time when this situation repeated several times I decided to get a proper drug for getting rid of erectile dysfunction. I read an instruction carefully and found out that I can not mix it with food, so I did not take a meal and I decided to stop smoking for a while. Right now I can have a great imitate time with my wife thanks to Cialis. This drug does not cause any mood swings or other side effects that you may experience while you are on antibiotics. I advise you to try it and for sure you will be happy with the result.

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When I understand that having problems with erection is a serious issue and it’s now going to disappear on its own I started to look for an easy answer in order to make ED disappear. It took me a while but I had convinced myself that taking Cialis is a great way to regain my confidence and improve my self-esteem. After that, I had a great night with my wife and she said that I was great in bed.