How can I be sure that Cialis will help me to get rid of ED?
As far as we know Cialis makes the blood flow to our penis and for that matter we can be sure that not only you will get a great erection it will not go away as soon as it used to. Major studies should that Cialis does not cause any kind of side effects if you take it carefully reading an instruction.

I had heart problems easier can I take Cialis right now, if I am not on any kind of medication?
You probably should consult your doctor because we have no idea what kind of heart problems you are talking about. But nevertheless, you probably can not take Cialis because it can lower your blood pressure level and cause serious side effects.

How fast will Cialis kick in my system and for how long is it going to work?
Usually, Cialis is working from 30 minutes up to 30 hours. There were men who had stated that Cialis works better when 3 hours past. In order for you to get an erection you have to be stimulated sexually, this way you can control the erection and you will not have to worry about finishing too early.
Keep in mind that regarding the fact that erection lasts for 30 hours does not mean that you will have it for so long; all you ought to do is to get stimulated sexually every time you need it.

In what kind of dosages I should take Cialis, I do not want to have an overdose, and I do not have enough time to consult my doctor?
It will be better for to talk to a doctor, but usually, the dosages of the proper amount of Cialis is from 10 to 20 mg. When you have not taken a lot of antibiotics through a long period of time then you can easily take 10 mg instead of 20.

I am afraid that this Cialis drug will not work for the first time when I take it? Is it possible that it will happen to me?
Yes, it is possible that Cialis will not work for the first time you take it. All you ought to do it to try taking it at least 7 times before you will decide to take the other medicines for treating erectile dysfunction.

Right now I am taking various antibiotics for my back pain is it still possible for me to take Cialis simultaneously?
Go to your doctor and talk to him about the medicines and other prescriptions. There is a great chance that you can not mix Cialis with antibiotics and other drugs. So as you can see you have to be extremely careful and keep an eye on your health and what kind of drugs you are taking.

Can Cialis help me getting rid of severe impotence?
It depends on what caused your impotence. For those of you who had an impotence based on physiological insecurity and inability to get a proper erection then it can be treated with Cialis. As soon as you will take Cialis you will see that getting an erection the same time you used to is very easy.

Do I have to check my blood pressure before taking Cialis in my system?
We want you to check your blood pressure in order not to get serious side-effects. Please think about your health and go to your doctor who knows your medical history. He will be able to tell you for sure whether or not Cialis is suitable for you.